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Red Mill Limited

Red Mill Limited was started in 2009 to bring artisan foods and premium wines from Lebanon into Hong Kong. Back then, there were far and few authentic Middle Eastern and Medditeranean  ingredients available.  Red Mill invigorates Middle Eastern cuisine with mouthwatering authenticity and promotes Lebanese wine, the oldest wine making country in the world. and Ixsir. There are absolutely no compromises on quality: try it once, and you will certainly come back for more.

Providing the best Brands

Red Mill Limited supply its customers with the top brands in food and wines including: Aoun Food Co., Al Wadi, Al Bohsali, 961 beer, Chateau Ksara, Chateau Kefraya, Ixsir, and Many more.

Our Latest introduction.

The Languedoc-Roussillon region is dominated by 740,300 acres (2,996 km2) of vineyards, three times the combined area of the vineyards in Bordeaux and the region has been an important winemaking centre for several centuries.

Our Brands


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